If you are interested in taxes or financial issues and you want to collaborate in a firm where you would have the chance to attend to international companies in many business fields...

If you are wishing to become part of an experimented advisors team, specialised in businesses…


In NCA we are aware that our growth is linked to the talent and enthusiasm of each member of the staff, and that it also depends on our ability to get the necessary resources to assure their personal and professional development.

Therefore, one major priority is the searching, integration, development and satisfaction of our team members. Our firm offers you the possibility of developing your professional career in the following areas:

The ideal candidates to become part of our organization are usually students or interns in Law or Accountancy, who are interested in developing in the private sector, willing to collaborate in a professional environment.

You may perform your career with us climbing positions as you gain more knowledge and experience.

Moreover, being NCA a member of an International network, you will have the opportunity to get involved with international projects working with professionals from abroad, getting more experience and developing valuable abilities.

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