New Corporate Approach, S.C. is an accounting and law firm formed by high quality professionals who have dealt with a wide range of business transactions and operations; varying from single location operations to multifaceted complex international operations, dealing with several parties and jurisdictions.

Our competitive advantage is concentrated in delivering custom-made solutions, through personalized services with high quality and supported by top technology. The combination of the global focus with a strong local business community knowledge and support, delivers to the clients tangible solutions to help them take correct business decisions. The personalized service and advice which we provide to our clients brings great value in the resolution of many complex situations.

With a global network of competent legal and accounting professionals from variety of offshore and onshore jurisdictions and with a team of dedicated and experienced multi-lingual professionals, our firm is widely accepted as one of the leading boutique firms.

The quality of our International network reflects the steadiness of each of the member firms. All of us are united by common objectives and share the same professional standards and working philosophy. The global economy forces companies to have International firms as commercial partners. Our professional alliance assures that every member firm knows perfectly the business and difficulties, the local and International laws and the local industries.

Our commitment is establishing long-lasting relationships with our clients and in going above and beyond the usual scope of work.